To Our Dedicated JFS Donors and Friends,

These are uncertain times. We are all concerned for our health and safety and for the well-being of our friends, family, and neighbors. On March 16th, Jewish Family Service of the Desert joined with our fellow valley residents in the social distancing precautions designed to protect us all by closing our physical office space until further notice. But we are committed to continuing our vital programs despite these unprecedented circumstances.

We’re Committed to Serving Our Clients.  Human need doesn’t stop for a pandemic. In fact it increases! The JFS Counseling and Case Management services are now available remotely! This “telehealth” provision of services means that we can offer counseling to someone overcome with anxiety, depression, or grief or help someone facing eviction because their place of employment has been forced to close. Those in need can receive assistance right from their homes!

If you know anyone who needs counseling or financial assistance, please contact us by phone at 760-325-4088 or by email at:

[email protected]  

[email protected] 

We’re Committed to Serving Our Employees.  Even though the JFS physical offices are closed to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus and we are experiencing a significant reduction in income, staff welfare remains our priority! We have redesigned our functions to work remotely and flex where necessary, so that each staff member can stay home and still get a paycheck.

We’re Committed to Staying Open to Help Our Valley! JFS plans to keep its “virtual doors” open as long as needed, and we’re asking for your help

The Coachella Valley is our home, and JFS is here to serve our wonderfully diverse population in these stressful times.

It Begins with Us !!

Questions? Call or E-mail:

Cheryl Scarlett, Director of Major Gifts and Fundraising

760-325-4088 x 107

[email protected]