Debra Dann Kay Campership Program


Accepting Applications

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For residents of the Coachella Valley…

Campers age 5-17 to attend day camp

Campers age  7-17 to attend overnight camp


 Camps provide opportunities for growth and development in our youth, and JFS provides needs-based scholarships for local youth to attend camp.

How to Apply:

 1. Review the program guidelines below

2. To apply online click here

3. To access the printable application packet click here

      4. To read “Helpful Tips in Selecting a Camp,” click here

JFS Campership Program Guidelines

Jewish Family Service of the Desert (JFS) believes youth camp opportunities provide unparalleled opportunities for growth and development. Accordingly, JFS is proud to offer its Campership Program that provides needs-based scholarships up to $1,000 for local youth who desire to attend a camp.

Scholarships are available to youth who reside in the Coachella Valley. Scholarships for day camps are available for campers ages 5-17, and scholarships for “overnight” camp (camps involving overnight stay outside the campers’ home) to youth ages 7-17. “Camps” are programs that offer unique opportunities for youth, including but not limited to leadership, academic, cultural, and sports. Daycare programs are not considered to be a “camp.” Potential applicants are encouraged to contact Julie Hirsh at [email protected] or at (760) 325-4088 ext. 103 to ask if the camp they’re considering would be a good fit. Each camper is eligible for one scholarship every 12-month period.

Approved scholarships are paid directly to the camps. If a scholarship is awarded but the camp is not attended (for any reason), that scholarship becomes void and all pledged monies are returned directly to JFS Campership fund. Applicants must request financial assistance from the camp itself, and requests to additional potential sources of support are encouraged. Requests for financial assistance must be documented and submitted along with your application.

Complete applications must be received by JFS at least 60 days prior to the start of the camp. Only complete applications with all requested backup materials will be considered, and first-time applicants will be given priority. The JFS Campership Committee will review all completed applications submitted per the guidelines, and all Committee decisions are final.

All Scholarship recipients agree to provide JFS, within 30 days following the completion of the camp, a written statement of their camp experience (written by the camper) no shorter than 250 words.  A video (no longer than 5 minutes) featuring the camper is acceptable in lieu of the written statement. Failure to provide the statement/video by the deadline may jeopardize the future provision of scholarships to any members of the household. By submitting and application, you agree to provide JFS with the exclusive right to use the submitted written, audio, and/or video information, without limit, for any promotion, marketing, or communication purpose, at the sole discretion of JFS.

Scholarship recipients, their family members, or interests working on their behalf agree to indemnify and hold Jewish Family Service of the Desert,  its  Board, staff,  clients,  patrons, volunteers, and all other interests harmless in conjunction with the provision of any camp scholarship. Provision of any scholarship award does not guarantee future awards. JFS is not responsible for providing any other goods or services needed for camp participation, and all parents/guardians of scholarship recipients warrant that each camper has sufficient health insurance coverage as is required by the State of California.

Contact Julie Hirsh at (760) 325-4088 ext 103 or [email protected] for information on our Community Improvement Programs!