JFS Annual Meeting & Awards Presentation

JFS Annual Meeting & Awards Presentation

Bernie Fromm & JFS Board President Barbara Fromm JFS Assistant Treasurer, Vi Felix Award Recipient & Legacy Cornerstone Award Recipient Ed Gubman JFS Vice President Sandy Seplow


(left to right) Newly Installed JFS Board Member Lee Erwin, JFS Board Member Royal Taxman & Myra Taxman, JFS Board Member Joan Kerns


JFS Executive Director Maureen Forman outlined her “Wish List” created 4 years ago when she assumed her new role, of all which have been fulfilled!


JFS Board President Barbara Fromm bids farewell to outgoing Board Members Joan Moyer & Royal Taxman


JFS Staff


Joyce & Henry Freund Outstanding Patrons Award


JFS Board & Development Assistant Lee Brosnan, JFS Community Outreach Coordinator Kraig Johnson – Donna Stone Award-JFS Outstanding Staff Members


Kraig Johnson & JFS Volunteer of the Year Barbara Jacobs


(left to right) Legacy Award Cornerstone Awards Recipients Rachel Gubman & Judy Wallis, Newly Installed JFS Board Member Suzanne Feder


*Photos courtesy of Mari Abril


The JFS Annual Meeting & Awards Presentation was held at Spencer’s Restaurant to honor JFS Patrons, Legacy Donors, Board Members, Staff and Volunteers and to install new Board Members as well as bid farewell to Board members ending their term.

JFS Board President Barbara Fromm welcomed the guests and thanked everyone for their dedication and support of JFS. Barbara commended JFS Executive Director, Maureen Forman, for her exceptional leadership. She also thanked Board Members for their outstanding service to JFS and bid farewell to Board Members ending their term including Bob Caruso, Joan Moyer, Nicki Resmo-Haroutunian and Royal Taxman.

Barbara welcomed and installed new JFS Board Members Ed Cohen, Lee Erwin, Patrick Evans, Suzanne Feder and Leonard Macias. Maureen extended her deepest thanks to Jerry & Elaine Morgan (who were unable to attend the event) for their extremely generous donation that kicked off the JFS Legacy Fund. The Morgan’s are the initial cornerstone of the JFS Legacy Fund which will allow JFS to continue to provide vital services for future generations to come. Maureen also thanked Joyce & Henry Freund for their extraordinarily generous pledge to provide a one-to-one match for all gifts made to the Legacy Fund through July 2018!

Ed Gubman, JFS Assistant Treasurer and Legacy Fund Co-Chair thanked the JFS Legacy Cornerstone Donors for their generous support of the Legacy Fund and presented awards to: Judy Wallis, Carol Cornell, Aviva & Ron Snow, Lois Gold & Richard Forester, Barry Kaufman & Margot Handelsman; and Judy & Bob Appelbaum and Marv Conney (who were unable to attend). Maureen also thanked Ed & Rachel Gubman for their contribution to the Legacy Fund and presented them with a JFS Legacy Cornerstone Award.

Awards were also presented to: Joyce & Henry Freund-Outstanding Patrons Award; Ed Gubman-Vi Felix Award for Outstanding & Dedicated Service to JFS; Lee Brosnan & Kraig Johnson-Donna Stone Award for Outstanding Staff Members; and Barbara Jacobs-Outstanding Volunteer Award.

Maureen also shared her “wish list” she created nearly 4 years ago when she assumed her new role of Executive Director. The list included: increase grants to the agency, move to an electronic billing system & health record; increase office space; hire a Development Director; increase coordination with other agencies; create the JFS Legacy Fund; expand insurance contracts….can you believe that all wishes have been fulfilled THANKS to a dedicated Board & Staff, fantastic community partners and the generosity of our wonderful Donors! Stay tuned for the expansion of the “wish list”!

Congratulations to our new Board Members & Award Honorees!!!!!